Jan Šetek and type foundry PangudiLuhur Part 1

Jurgen-Wegner-Post-PictureIndonesia is our most populous neighbour with about 260 million or a little over ten times the population of Australia. The Dutch, trading as the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (Dut., Dutch East India Company), established themselves there at the beginning of


The Beautiful Meme zooms in.

Grafik takes a ‘closer look’ at the campain that London based creative studio The Beautiful Meme has made for The Francis Crick Institute in London. Together with TBM Creative Director Tom Sharp they discuss the campain in which they’ve used the same …

Erik van Blokland about Bad Type; an article that is still relevant!

It doensn’t matter if you’re a type designer,graphic designer, type enthusiast, letterpress printer/enthusiast, typophile, type lover, etc. etc.; You are obliged to imprint this name into your grey cells: Erik van Blokland.

Erik van Blokland is a Dutch typeface designer, educator and …

Meet Jimmy DiResta.

Jimmy is a guy who makes stuff and has a bunch of machines in his shop at home. He also has a YouTube Channel on which he occassionally puts video’s of stuff he creates. Every 100,000 subscribers he shows off …