Encyclopaedia Britannica

28-4-2018-Encyclopaedia-Britannica-Post-PictureAfter 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica went out of print in 2012. Ever wanted to know how they pulled this off back in the days? Check the video below dating from 1951. Just sit back, relax and feel humble.

At The Caslon Foundry In Chiswell St

Caslon-Post-PictureChiswell St is a canyon lined with glass and steel buildings leading from Moorgate to the Barbican today, yet once this was the centre of printing in the City of London. The foundry established by William Caslon in 1737, Britain’s


Jan Šetek and type foundry PangudiLuhur Part 2

Jurgen-Wegner-Post-PictureA few weeks ago I received and posted Jürgen Wegner’s article about Jan Šetek and type foundry PangudiLuhur. (you can read it here) I was quite fascinated by the story and shortly after posting it on the site, I woke …