Into Facebook? Then this is for you.

Facebook-Post-PictureAlthough I don’t visit Facebook all that often anymore I do still have a Facebook account. Just once per week or so, I check for updates, posts of relatives, friends, and people I know. Last week I came across a whole new section of Facebook from which I didn’t even know it existed; groups.

The brothers Ghani from A One Block and Letterpress, Pakistan had tagged me in a post which they’ve uploaded to this group. They were so pleased with their article in the ‘featured artists’ section on our page that they wanted to share this with the 4.270 members (!) of this community.

Yes, as we speak the group has moreover 4K members, which is tremendous. Chris Paul is the founder of this group of over 4.000 members whom all have shown interest in his initiative to set up “a gathering of all things letterpress, printing, typography and book arts related.”

Go check it out if you want.

Cheers Coen.

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