The forum is closing down

6-6-2018-Forum-is-closing-post-pictureDue to strict new privacy legislation and requirements, the forum is going to shut down somewhere in the nearby future. (matter of days)

Why? Because risks are too high due to the new GDPR/VAG legislation. LetterpressForum is a non-profit initiative and we just don’t have enough funds to keep things running the way they are. Our forum hasn’t, in any way, try to sell or abuse personal data from its members. Privacy is one of our top priorities. 

What we keep on doing is providing you with fun and interesting news from the world of letterpress. The featured artists section will be accessible and new artists will be featured in the future. Note: All material shown in this section will remain the property of their rightful owner(s) and may not be copied and/or used without exclusive permission of the artist(s).

The periodical newsletter will be sent out to you once you’ve subscribed to it. We only use your e-mail address to send you this newsletter. Nothing more. E-mail addresses will not be sold to or used by any third-party companies and/or organizations.

The news section will be providing you with interesting articles from the world of letterpress. I will have a look at enabling comments for this section to create some kind of interactivity. It’s always nice to read what people think or may contribute.

The information and documentation section will be there to provide you with all kinds of information. Have a look at this section regularly because I will keep adding information as far as it goes. If you have some interesting information laying around (in any language) please contact me. I will put it up on the site for everyone to read/use.

So, until further notice, the forum will be closing down. Sadly, but there are loads of interesting alternatives. 

Cheers, Coen.


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