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Facebook-Post-PictureWhilst scavenging the Facebook Letterpress Group I came across another group called “Letterpress Sale – Private or press to press”. It’s a group founded by Jens Jørgen Hansen focussing solely on letterpress related items. And there are some fine items for sale too. If you’re living in the U.S. you’re in for a treat because the items I’ve seen that are located in the U.S. come very cheap.  There’s a message on the top of the page written by Mr. Hansen explaining the group rules. I’ve copied them for you:

The rules are simple:

Only sales of letterpress related items – tools, types, presses, prints from technical suppliers and manufacturers e.g. type specimens, manuals, books about letterpress. etc..

No prints/artwork from private or commercial print shops. Please no ads for workshops, wayzgooses etc..

Only sales between private persons or Press to Press.

No ads from commercial dealers or links to eBay or other auctions/sales.

Please describe all items as best as possible – type height, point system, manufacturer, condition, location etc. Please add a good Photo or two.

Please set a price if it’s a “Buy it now” or a start/minimum price if it’s an auction.
Auctions must have an ending time – e.g. 4 days after first bid or so.

If you are looking for any specific items, you are welcome to make an enquiry.

When a sale is completed – please remove the ad from this group.

The Andministrators/ Moderators have the right to delete ads not suitable for the group.

Gott grüß die Kunst


Here’s the link to the group. Have fun.

Cheers, Coen.

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